Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my DUI supervision payments ?
Please click here to visit our Payment/Fees information page.

When am I supposed to call in for the month?
Each time you call in, your probation officer will assign you a certain day to call in. Call only during business hours, 8:00 to 4:30, unless it is an emergency and leave only one message. It is your responsibility to report to your assigned probation officer.

Will I have any drug screens?
It is at the discretion of each probation officer to request drug screens. They will be random. Not reporting for a drug screen or a positive test is a violation of probation and could result in a warrant for arrest.

What if I cannot reach my probation officer?
If you do not hear back from your probation officer within 48 hours, call 862-8370 and leave a message. We will make every attempt to return a phone call. Make sure to leave a valid phone number each time you call. If you have voicemail, make sure it is not full so your probation officer is able to leave a message.

How can I do my alcohol classes and jail time together?
The Safety Center only offers classes on certain weekends, so you must call them and register first. If you do not register, you do not get to take the class. There are a limited number of seats, so it is up to you to register and set up your jail time the same weekend. To register for the alcohol classes in jail, you must bring $180 to the ORC (Offender Re-Entry Center) by Friday at 3:30pm. A follow up appointment will be scheduled at that time. Women should report by 3:00pm at 5115 Harding Road with $180. To find out the weekends the class is offered, call 862-8355. You are required to abide by and complete any and all orders of the Safety Center staff. Jail sentences must be started within 30 days on plea or finding of guilt. Only first time offenders are eligible to attend alcohol safety school in jail.

How can I go about obtaining a restricted license?
It is up to the judge to grant a restricted license. Your attorney must file the necessary paperwork in court. The restricted license does not let you go wherever you wish or whenever you wish. It is only valid a certain time of day and is only for school, alcohol classes, and regular employment. Driving to anything outside of these three locations is grounds for a violation warrant. Further, the fines must be paid in full and SR-22 high-risk insurance must be carried. The next step is to pay $67 license fee and to pass a written and road test. Contact the Tennessee Department of Safety for further information Click Here to visit their website or call (866)903-7357.

How long do I have to pay the fine and court costs?
Per the court order, the full amount of the fines and costs must be paid in regular monthly payments. Each case has different amounts of fines and costs. The monthly amount will be determined at the first call in. The fines and costs can also be paid in full the same day of plea or finding of guilt. If you require a hearing to seek help on the fines and costs, contact your attorney for a hearing date in court.

Is it possible to change my jail report date?
It is up to the discretion of the judge and probation officer. Ask your probation officer first and if they allow it, the necessary paperwork must be filed with the clerk of the court. Being sick or having family plans does not preclude you from serving jail time. Offender’s with multiple weekends to serve must stay in contact with their probation officer and keep them aware of weekends left to serve. It may be necessary to serve jail time during the week as well. Offender’s with multiple weekends may be required to serve jail time during the week at the request of their probation officer. Offenders with multiple weekends to serve must serve their weekend jail time on consecutive weekends. Under no circumstance are you allowed to skip a weekend. Not completing the required jail time in the allowed time is a violation and could result in a probation violation warrant being issued.

Will I be required to make any office visits with my probation officer?
It is up to the discretion of your probation officer. Missing call in dates, not completing treatment in a timely manner, or any negative aspect of probation could be grounds for required office visits. Staying in contact with your assigned probation officer is a major portion of your sentence. If your probation officer’s orders state that you have to report for an office visit, you must show and be on time.

If I finish everything early, can I get off probation early?
Under no circumstance is anyone allowed to be off probation before the end of his or her sentence. Even if all requirements are met, you are still required to call in as directed.

What if I am not finished with my requirements by the time my sentence is over?
It is imperative that everything be complete in the months before you finish probation. A probation violation warrant may be issued in the months before the end of probation for failure to complete the requirements of probation. Your probation officer will arrange a schedule for the requirements to be completed.