Rules of D.U.I Probation

  1. I will notify my probation officer immediately if I change my place of residence.
  2. I must notify my probation officer before I leave the State of Tennessee or my state of residence.
  3. Any reports that I make to my probation officer will be truthful and will contain all information required by their rules.
  4. I will report to the probation officer within 72 hours from plea or date of release and a minimum of once per monthe thereafter.
  5. I will refrain from the excessive use of alcohol. I will not use illegal drugs.
  6. I will not carry a weapon.
  7. I will not engage in any criminal activity.
  8. I will report immediately to my probation officer if any new criminal charges are placed against me, whether by citation or criminal warrant.
  9. I agree to pay all the fines/court costs in this case. I agree to pay the State Trial Court’s DUI Division a monthly supervision fee of $35 to be paid by money order made payable to Metropolitan Government.
  10. I agree to complete the alcohol safety school within six (6) months of placement on probation and/or release from custody.
  11. If convicted of DUI 1st offense, I am required to perform 24 hours of litter pick_up per statute with a fee of $132.00 click here for more details. The payment must be received prior to the litter pick up being scheduled. This is to be paid within 90 days of plea and scheduled by your probation officer.
  12. MADD/VIP are both potentially part of my probation.
  13. There may be special court ordered conditions to my probation.