Litter Pickup

You may or may not be aware that effective July 1, 2010; the Metropolitan Council passed an Ordinance for people convicted of a DUI and required to pick up litter to reimburse the Metropolitan Government for the costs of administering the litter pick up program.

That being said, if you were convicted of a DUI 1st offense after July 1, 2010, and as your probation officer has previously explained, you are required to perform twenty-four hours of litter pick up removal in conjunction with your jail time. this ordinance allows for a designated personnel officer of the State Trial Courts to schedule this community service work as opposed to your General Session probation officer. Please be advised that this program becomes part of your probationary requirements and this office does not seek to substitute its authority for that of your probation officer. As a result, it is mandatory as part of your probation that you participate as required by statute. our only involvement in your case will be to schedule your litter pick up with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Department, collect the payment for service in the amount of $132.00 and to notify your probation officer of compliance and/or non-compliance.