D.U.I. Reporting


D.U.I. Reporting

Probationers currently on DUI probation are required to call and speak with their assigned Probation Officer once a month on a pre-arranged day. It is the responsibility of the person on probation to provide updates of their status with jail time, required treatments, payment on fines and court costs, as well as any further requirements the offender has to fullfill to successfully complete their probation. At the end of each call in, a new date will be assigned to the probationer for the next call in.

The following can result in a probation violation warrant being issued:

  1. New arrest
  2. Failure to complete treatment
  3. Failure to pay fines and costs or restitution
  4. Failure to report to Probation Officer
  5. Failure to serve jail time

This is not a complete list, but an example of the most common ways to violate probation. A terms and conditions of probation sheet is read and signed by both the probation officer and the offender after pleading guilty or finding of guilt in Davidson County Criminal Court. Any violation of the terms of probation is grounds for a probation violation warrant being issued.